Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ricky Febrian

Blaze Kernel v5 for Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon

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A custom Kernel for Redmi Note  3 Snapdragon compatible with both MIUI Roms and CM Roms

Highlighted Features
KCAL Control
Sound Conrtol
Touch Boost Control
Fsync Control
Vibration Control
Lionfish , Impulse , Darkness , Alucard , Bioshock CPU governors
BFQ, SIO, SIO+, FIOPS, ZEN, Tripndroid IO Schedulers
Entropy patches
Nvidea CPU relaxed power efficiency tweaks

Release 5
Upstreamed to latest linux stable 3.10.103
Merged latest CAF source branch 1.3.3_rb2.24
Removed power_efficient workqueues
Removed powersuspend
Removed dyanamic fsync
Removed much bloatware and shit
Disabled SISVIPC as per the new instructions by Google
Patched interactive giving full control over it
New and updated alucard governor
Fixed and fixed darkness governor and reduced sampling rate
simple fsync toggle (enabled by default)
Simple thermal control parameters
Simple touch boost toggle
Disable CPU L2 cache PC during video sessions

Download CM-STABLE


How to Flash?
1. As you know you have to unlock bootloader and be on twrp recovery
2. Boot into twrp recovery
3. Wipe Cache in recovery
4. Fash zip file in recovery

Status: Stable