Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ricky Febrian

Gods Kernel for Redmi 1s [MM/LP/KK/MIUI] R9 [Review][Updated]

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God kernel is added in list of custom kernel list for device redmi 1s only this project is pushed by xda user Tarun93
- merged the latest LA.BF.1.1.3-01210-8x26.0 caf tag
- clean up n added built in synapse and UKM access
- removed interactive updates for now
- updated the governors
-thermals returned
- lots of minor tweaks and tune ups
- f2fs fix ups

R9 Miui   R9 KK-LP-MM

R8 Miui   R8 KK-LP-MM

R7 Miui   R7 KK-LP-MM

R6 Miui   R6 KK-LP-MM

R5 Miui   R5 KK-LP-MM 

How to Install Flash this kernel
[Make sure you are stock kernel before flashing this]
1. Download the zip
2. Put it in Internal Memory
3. Reboot into Recovery
4. Go to wipe > Advanced and select dalvik cache and cache.
5. Press back Select Install then Flash the Zip
6. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot and wait.

Status: Stable
Last Updated 2016-04-12
Credits : Tarun93, armani-dev,rebelos,luffy.d
Source :