Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ricky Febrian

Xcelerate Kernel for CM11 and 12.1 ROM for Redmi 1s [New Kernel for Lollipop Ro Added]

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Xcelerate Custom Kernel for CM11 and CM12.1 based rom is Developed by xda use kairi_zeroblade
Kernel FeaturesThe kernel is based on stock Xiaomi Source it gives you Good Battery life support custom Thermal Engine Custom Hotplug, Xiaomi KCAL [Advanced Color Control] these few modifications and additions are maximize the potential of our Redmi 1s.
How to Flash this Kernel
1. Download the zip
2. Put it in Internal Memory
3. Reboot into Recovery
4. Install then Flash the Zip
5. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot and wait.
Note to change cpu frequencies and other features of kernel use only Synapse App
[other will not work]
Latest Kernel for All lollipop Rom Note : Tested in Cm 12.1 | Mokee | Resurrection 

Click on Build to Download 
CM 11 #Build30 | CM 12.1 #Build24 
CM 12.1 #Build23 | Server 2 [update for lollipop only]
CM 11 #Build29 | CM 12.1 #Build22
Inline with new official Source drop from Xiaomi
Ramdisk fixes
CM 11 #Build28
CM 11 #Build27 | CM 12.1 #Build21
Fixed some ramdisk stuff
Patches from Armani Devs
You are required to wipe Dalvik/Art Cache on this release..else you'll drop dead..
CM 11 #Build26 | CM 12.1 #Build20
Update F2FS inline with Armani-Devs
Patches from Linux 3.4.y mainline
CM 11 #Build25 | CM 12.1 #Build19
New GCC5.2 Toolchain
Patches from Linux 3.4.y mainline and from Motorola
CM 11 #Build24 | CM 12.1 #Build18
Update GCC5 headers from Mainline 4.0.y
New GCC5.2 Toolchain

Version Information
Status: Stable
Support kairi_zeroblade for his contribution. Main Thread