Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ricky Febrian

Kato4imoto v4 kernel for Redmi 1s Miui6/7 [Review][Updated]

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This is new kernel for Redmi1s both MIUI6 and MIUI7 by Kato4imoto.
Note: This is not my work i'm just sharing kernel thxs to DKILLER123 for thread and links and Kato4imoto for kernel.
Let's See Some Highlighted Features of Kernel
• This kernel is Compiled with GCC 4.8 Toolchain
• Governors like conservative, interactive, ondemand, powersave and performance & Schedulers
• Init.d is Enabled by default
• Zram Enabled (130mb)
• GPU Overclocked to 550 MHZ
• NTFS Support

• I flashed this kernel on miui 5.12.10 [latest build] it's giving best possible result NO LAGS even when you underclock it to 998MHz yes thats true i was amazed with that and loved it cuz that help in battery saving
• Charging is slow yes it take alot time to charge [need update for that have to wait]
• In my opinion you should give a try to this kernel.

[note if you using any other custom kernel revert back to stock first]
How to Revert back to stock Kernel

How to Flash your custom recovery(CWM/TWRP/PHILZ)
1. Download the zip
2. Put it in Internal Memory
3. Reboot into Recovery
4. Go to wipe > Advanced and select dalvik cache and cache.
5. Press back Select Install then Flash the Zip
6. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot and wait.

to kernel developer and DKILLER123 for links