Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ricky Febrian

Lenovo SNAPit Camera & SEEit Gallery Apk for Redmi 1s

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Lenovo Super Camera consists of two applications: SNAPit Camera and the SEEit Gallery, both of which are installed through a single file
It Works with Any ROM
Shooting Modes
To access the different shooting modes, tap on the circle icon with a triangle in the middle, which will bring down a scroll able side menu
Panorama - captures elongated fields of view
HDR - reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity
PIP - picture in picture
Low Light - better looking pictures in low light/nighttime
Burst - hold down the shutter to take many pictures quickly (freezes, might not work for you)
Speech picture - lets you save 9 second of audio with any picture
Beautify - softens facial features, making you "prettier"
Night portrait - takes better portrait pictures in low light
Self-timed - automatically takes picture when it recognizes a human face
Smile - takes picture when it recognizes a smile
Macro - takes better close up pictures
Timed picture - timer for 3, 5 and 10 seconds

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