Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ricky Febrian

PhanTom Kernel for Redmi 1s [KK|LP|MM|MIUI] Now Supports MIUI

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PhanTom kernel is added in list of custom kernel list for device redmi 1s only this project is pushed by xda user hemantbeast.
Now Support Redmi 1s Running MIUI 7
Based on latest LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.6 sources
(thanks to @fefifofum & @onano for the sources)
Compiled with UBER TC 5.2
Added MIUI Support
zzmoove,yankactive,intelliactive,slim,alucard,impu lse cpufreq governors
Intelliplug, Alucard & AutoSMP Hotplug drivers
Switch to -O3 flag optimizations
Adreno Idler
IntelliThermal v2
Native DT2W thanx to @Luffy.d
Seccomp patches thanx to @Tarun93
sched updates
Powersuspend update
Dynamic Fsync
Implement high performance sound in headset mode
Sound Control update
Selinux set permissive on boot

R6 Miui   R6 KK-LP-MM 

How to Install Flash this kernel
1. Download the zip
2. Put it in Internal Memory
3. Reboot into Recovery
4. Go to wipe > Advanced and select dalvik cache and cache.
5. Press back Select Install then Flash the Zip
6. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot and wait.
Status: Stable
Last Updated 2016-04-17
Credits : hemantbeast, Tarun93, fefifofum, Luffy.d
Source :